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Obsessive Rantings of Obsessive People
I come across this often.
You would see "buy layouts!"
You go to check out what they have, even though you don't have any intentions of buying any.

And they use official artwork or photographs.
Maybe photographs of celebrities. Or anime/manga images that are obviously copyrighted.
People think it's okay to use anime/manga/celebrity images to make graphics.

The publishers do not like that, but we still do it. Why? Because we can't draw like the Japanese website owners can, and make our own graphics with people in it.

So we "borrow" graphics.
We don't make any money out of it and the companies get exposures, right?

So is it right to break that cycle and ask for money for things you create using official photographs or images? If you were going to sell something, then shouldn't you make everything from scratch?
If you are going to charge people for something, then you are obviously making a profit.

Becuase you did not pay for any of the images you used, and you used a "short cut", using someone else's work and just adding to it.
Don't web designers get upset when someone uses their work and adds effects/crops it/makes something new out of it?

But we do the same to the people who create the animes, draw the mangas, have their pictures taken to be published or take those pictures.
And some people don't stop there, but actually sell the products?

Many people who make brushes ask that companies that make profit through their websites, to not use them for their graphics.

Most animating companies are “not okay” with having their work ripped and put online nor are they “okay” with people making graphics out of it.
But we feel justified because we love using them and they “add” to whatever we are making.

But I really do not understand the concept of using those images and selling whatever they create that are not theirs to begin with.
Isn’t it like selling someone else’s artwork that you did not buy in the first place?

In order to “resell” something, you have to first buy it from the producers.
But in this time and technology, no one buys images and copyright from publishers.
Some may argue that they “bought the art books and scanned them; therefore I deserve credit.”
But what they bought was the art book. Not the copyright for reproducing the books.

I love getting images off of the internet and using them for my graphics.
I am sure many others agree. And without those people who scan the images for us, we have nothing to base our graphics upon. I am very grateful for those who take the time and effort, not to mention the life of their art books to give the rest of the internet the gift.

But I will not say that it is morally correct.

And I also realize that this is not the topic that I wished to discuss.
Back to the main point.

I believe that graphics are to be shared and adored. If they are created by the author, then they can sell them. But if the graphics use third party material, then I believe that they should not be distributed for profit.

The only times, I believe, graphics should be distributed is when the artists create everything from scratch; the artwork, the designs, the brushes, the coding.

Doujinshis and fanarts are often sold and bought. The artists create them “from scratch”. They simply use concepts that an artist created and made something completely different.

“Fanart” does not include traced art. Why? Because it is not “original”. They do not use their imagination to create it; just copy. So those cannot be sold.

Doujinshis and fanarts are more often than not approved by the manga artists. They do not mind their distribution and take them as honor and token of their works being liked.

Official images, on the other hand, are the products of their own work. Though I do not know how much the manga artists care about the whole “anime graphics community” phenomenon, I am sure they do not “approve” of them.
Because they are not deviating from their work, but rather, using their work and putting effects on them.

We can justify creating those graphics and sharing them: we’re all fans. But I do not know if we can justify selling them. Because to sell, I believe, mean that we are responsible for it’s whole making; not just the effects.

We generally look down upon the using of fanarts and doujinshis in graphics. We believe that they go against the artists’ wishes.
Not the official images are any different.

But think about using doujinshi images in graphics to sell them. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s immoral? How different are official images being used in graphics?
I don’t think I am the only one contemplating if it’s such a brilliant idea.

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After a bit of a break from the anime webdesigning community, I came back and it was the same as before. There was no change at all. The same fights and trends were still appearing everywhere.

Why would that be? My best guess was that everyone in this community was too similar (Torxter from Angelcloud.Net made me realize this). We are mostly comprised of girls. We all like anime. We like webdesigning. Most of us procrastinate. Most of us are either in high school or college, with a few exceptions to middle school. A lot of us are Asians, though there are also those who are Caucasian. And, most importantly, most of us spend way more than a necessary amount of time on the computer. Combining all this together, we are a pretty bland group. There isn't anything for a person to really offer to the table that hasn't already been done--that people haven't already known. Therefore, people needed a little color in this community after a while. They needed excitement. They needed something to happen.

One of the most exciting things in communities are conflicts. A lot of people get involved and some people may find it amusing to see the replies countering each other back and forth. Therefore, by opening an open-ended argument, a conflict would most likely ensue. We are a group of girls. A lot of the girls are conceited during their teens. A lot of girls feel like it is their responsibility to defend someone or themselves in an argument that may not be directed at them, but to the general audience.

How many times have someone said something general and you thought they were directing their statement at you? How many times have someone said something and you would feel, "Hey! I never did that!" Well, I admit I sometimes think and feel like that. Sometimes, I think someone is directing something at me even though I may also know that's not what the person was trying to do.

With a group of girls like this and a person to just slightly tip the balance in the community, conflicts ensued. People didn't try to really stop these conflicts--no, they were something to look forward to at times. When people didn't have anything to do outside of the Internet, thinking of a reply to these conflicts became fun. Fingers started to itch to type a reply. Reading comments became a great hobby.

This is my outlook on the "bashing fad" plaguing our community. If anyone wants to help and stop this "fad", just get a life. Go outside and look at your environment. Go play some tennis. Stop looking at your computer screen every other minute. Stop wanting to go on the computer when you can't. Smell the flowers outside. Bask in the sun. Get a tan. Go swimming. Just stop thinking about everything that's happening online. Stop wanting to comment. Stop thinking that your own thought is one of the most precious and generous things added to the community. Just stop looking at these websites. And before you know it, everything has died down. This fad has come and gone. Everything was like it once was--just an anime webdesigning community. No giant websites for bashing. Just a community where people went to share an interest and to add their own websites to the community.


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What is it with the Acerbic Bitches wannabes? Ever since they opened, everyone's been trying to slag other people. Not to mention, the points that they've been making have been circulating the web, being repeated and repeated and repeated. Since everyone else is doing it, I think I'm going to jump on the bandwagon as well. Since it's just so fun to ridicule other people now.

I find it funny that everyone's trying to prove something now. Not only that, but everyone insists on slagging other people to make themselves look better. As if it's fun and games to pin someone to the wall and throw darts at them. Y'know, these things used to be called flames. Except, oh, no wait... flames are the ones that people send personally to you, not the ones people post on their sites.

Whatever happened to old fashioned constructive criticism? Do you need to be reminded as to what that is? As in the, "well, this aspect of your site isn't so good, but here are tips on how to improve" comments. No, we're way past that now. Who needs to help fellow designers improve when we can all just slag them and beat them down? Who needs to encourage designing as a hobby when we can just drive all the 'bad' people out?

I thought web design was supposed to be a hobby, as in something you do for fun. Why is it, everything we do now is judged? How many hits we get is judged. How many graphics we pop out a day, who we decide to be friends with, what we decide to do with our free time.

I can maybe understand if people come to your site and comment on your latest update saying, "well, that new premade you added doesn't seem to be up to par with what you've been designing lately, I don't like the colors you used, perhaps a lighter shade of..." but bashing people's characters? Bashing who they are? Telling them that they're not fit for the status that other people label them as? Maybe you don't like their graphics, but using that as a reason to bash their person? Because that's what the entire graphic design community has turned into. People bashing other people. Remember the good old days when people bashed your graphics? Oh, well, that's gone out the window. We've evolved to, "if your graphics aren't good, you deserve nothing at all." So people are popular and you don't believe they should be, because you think that their graphics are bad. Have you ever considered that they could be popular because they're well-liked? So people can't be popular for their personalities anymore, but only for their graphics? People aren't allowed to go out and befriend as many other people as they want? [And, by the way, who made you the judge of what's good and what's not?] Have we become so absolutely jaded that we now believe that people who go out and make friends do it purely for the popularity factor?

Here's a thought: maybe people make friends with other people because they're friendly.

Maybe we should all just stop assuming everything about everyone else. One might think that others spend 3-4 minutes on an icon, but what do they know about what that person does on their editing programs? Not to mention, the whole call for being "original" is overrated. Nothing's original anymore. I could slag any two people off for using the same downloadable texture, brushes, or PNG as being 'unoriginal'. I could call anyone unoriginal because they're opening a resource site while there are so many other out there. You want to be original, you start something nobody else has ever done before. And then you can call yourself a fucking original.

On a last note, this rant was not targeted towards anyone. I know I plugged three people, but they're purely examples of what have been happening in the entire community.

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